Syracuse Habitat Dares to Prepare

On the weekend of September 11th , Syracuse Habitat for Humanity will be in the Near Westside neighborhood providing emergency and disaster preparedness materials and reminding residents to put together an emergency supply kit and make a family emergency plan. After a  remembrance ceremony reflecting on September 11, 2011 and the many who have served, volunteers will descend upon the Near Westside is also one of the poorest census tracts in the United States providing vital disaster preparedness information..


Volunteers will go door to door in Syracuse Housing Authority's James Geddes housing community that is adjacent to our facility.  The James Geddes Apartments is in the Near Westside of Syracuse and is composed of 472 households. The 47 Syracuse Habitat for Humanity homeowners will also received preparedness materials.  


Volunteers will talk with people who are at home about ways to start preparing disaster supply kits now and the necessity of having kits for home, work and car.  FEMA and materials in English and in Spanish will be provided to all homes volunteers visit, and left for neighbors who are not at home.


The American Red Cross, Spanish Action League, International League of Muslim Women and Church of the Latter Day Saints, and Thank a Service Member will be requested to participate in the event.  The Red Cross’ support is being requested to conduct disaster preparedness demonstrations.  The Spanish Action League’s support is being requested to facilitate in case of language barrier that may exist at some households.  The remaining volunteers will be used for door to door material distribution.  Thank a Service Member is being asked to conduct a ceremony commemorate the losses on September 11, 2001 and honor the service and sacrifices of those who have responded since that day.


We expect approximately 80 volunteers.  If any of the agencies are not available to participant the task can be done using only Syracuse Habitat volunteers.  Volunteers will be tracked through volunteer applications and sign up sheets.  Press releases, PSAs, Twitter, Facebook, Syracuse Habitat Website and Newsletter will be used promote the Day of Service.