Islamic Relief USA Call to Service

Islamic Relief USA


 For over 22 years Islamic Relief USA has worked tirelessly in the USA and in countries around the world to alleviate poverty, suffering, hunger and illiteracy. Without regard for religion, color, race, ethnicity or creed, Islamic Relief USA provides aid in a compassionate and dignified manner based solely on the needs of the beneficiaries.  Whether for humanitarian relief or sustaining development projects, programs short in duration or long-term, IR USA tries to collaborate and cooperate with local organizations in order to best meet the needs of the ultimate beneficiaries or stakeholders.



In the spirit of giving, Islamic Relief USA will initiate a Call to Service on September 10th and 11th. This day will include community service and commemoration events in 10 cities around the country that will serve as a precursor to Islamic Relief’s Day of Dignity: American Muslim Day of Service, an event in which Muslims and other communities of faith provide services to individuals in need and promote community service. Islamic Relief USA’s Call to Service is a grassroots effort coordinated by Islamic Relief USA in partnership with the Muslim American Veterans Association and local organizations.  


Goals of Islamic Relief USA’s Call to Service:

·         Promote community service and impactful relief work in marginalized communities.

·         Remember and honor the victims of 9/11, their families, service workers, and veterans of the armed forces.

·         Build relationships between interfaith communities through local Muslim Organizations

·         Educate the general public about Islamic Relief USA’s service work


Criteria for participating organizations include proof of the following:

·         Committed partnering with the Muslim American Veterans Association or other associations of Muslim police officers, firefighters, or emergency response workers to commemorate victims of 9/11, their families, service workers and veterans.

·         Engagement with  partner  organizations both Muslim and Non –Muslim  to work towards common goals

·         501 C3 letter from federal and/or state government.

·         Operations in strategic geographical areas aiding those living at or below the poverty level

Commemoration Activities Led by Muslim American Veterans Association

Led by a coalition under the umbrella of Islamic Relief USA, 10 cities will have community service events that reflect our service strategy. These local coordinators in 10 cities around the country will have MAVA representatives or other associations of Muslim police officers or firefighters on site on September 10 or 11th to lead commemoration ceremonies. These organizations and their respective cities are:





Amjad Taufique

SHARE Atlanta

547 West End Place Atlanta GA 30310

Tony Salaam

Center for Social Adjustment and Reentry (CORE)

6122 S. Parkshore E. Ct
Chicago, IL 60637

Khalid Shaheed

Masjid Al Islam Dallas

2604 S. Harwood Street Dallas, TX 75215

Marquia Ziyad

Mecca Services

1605 W. Davison
Detroit, MI 48238

Ghada Alkiek

Flint Youth Group

9447 Coruna Road
Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Imam Makram Elamin

Masjid An-Nur

1729 Lyndale Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55411

Zarinah Awad

Cultural Cup Food Bank

537 E. Osborn Road Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85012

Rahim Ahmad Ade

Al Maun (Neighborly Needs) Las Vegas

711 Morgan Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89106

Nurah Amatullah

Muslim Women's Institute for Research and Development

1363 Ogden Avenue Bronx, NY 10452

Imam Talib Shareef


Inas Shabazz

(Point of contact for Muslim American Veterans Association) Masjid Muhammad

1519 Islamic Way (4th St.) NW Washington, DC 20001

Monika Nagpal

Quba Institute

4637 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131














The Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA) was Established and Certified in 1997. It was established to be a service organization for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. This grassroots veteran’s organization found its origin with Dr. Christopher Bell Jr., a retired Air Force Major, former Army Captain Talib-Din Abdul-Wakil, and former Army Sergeant and Korean War POW Mujahid Mohammed, along with several other hard working members of Masjid Muhammad in Washington D.C. 

 As the lead organization in commemorating 911 victims,  MAVA will facilitate a moment of silence and initiate a ceremony that acknowledges all veterans, emergency service workers, and community members who have stood up to serve as a response to the horrific events of 9/11. Local mosque officials along with members of local government will share reflections on how they helped (and will continue to help) the country come together in the aftermath of 9/11.



Volunteer Management and Tracking

  The Volunteer Management Office (VMO) at Islamic Relief USA tracks and monitors all volunteer activity occurring within the organization on a day to day basis. All participants are first required to register as IRUSA volunteers by completing four mandatory forms:

  1. IRUSA Volunteer Application
  2. Emergency Contact Information
  3. Release of Liability
  4. Code of Conduct


Once the forms are sent to the Headquarters, a basic screening is performed by the VMO to make sure all volunteers are suitable. Once the volunteer is cleared and placed in IRUSA VMO records, the volunteer may participate in the 2011 Service Challenge.

Events will be taking place in 10 cities. Each city will have their own Coordinator (listed above) who will be working directly with the VMO. These  Coordinators will serve as Site Supervisors during the 9/11 Service Challenge events.

Timesheets will be available on the day of the event at each location. All volunteers must sign in once they arrive onsite. There are five fields on the timesheet:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Time In
  3. Task Performed
  4. Time Out
  5. Site Supervisor’s Initials


Before leaving, volunteers must write their task completed and sign out. All timesheets must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator who is required to initial each volunteer’s time log.

 At the end of the event each Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for sending the documentation to the VMO. The VMO will then report these hours to the Corporation for National & Community Service website for the President’s Award by the National Volunteer Coordinator at the VMO, Nazia Hossain by September 13th.  IR USA has been a certifying organization for the President’s Service Award program for over two years.