The Day The Nation Held Hands

Activity Description:

To commemorate the losses on September 11, 2001 and honor the service and sacrifices of those who have responded since that day, the Senior Companion, Foster Grandparent and Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs will launch “The Day the Nation Held Hands” event. This exciting event will include a card campaign, a 1-mile walk and a meet and greet breakfast between the community residents, EMS staff, Law Enforcement and Fire Department.

The Day the Nation Held Hands event will kick-off with a card campaign starting October 1st.  Elementary, middle and high school students will design thank you cards for the first responders. Prior to the students creating the cards they will receive a 15-minute educational lesson about the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 conducted by a volunteer or staff member of the Senior Corp program. This will hopefully give the students an empathetic heart towards the victims and the families of that day, making it easier for them to design the cards. The second phase of the event will include a 1-mile walk which will be held on the Saturday before or after September 11th at 7:30am. Individuals will be asked to walk for their favorite first responder hero or for the victims of September 11th. Each walker that completes the walk will be invited to have breakfast with the First Responders of South Carolina. During the breakfast there will be a small ceremony to acknowledge their commitment and service to the community. The First Responders will also be presented with the cards made by the students.

Organization Support:

The Senior Corp Programs of the Midland’s staff and volunteers will contact the following places to launch this event: Richland School District One, City of Columbia Parks and Recreation,Brucelli Advertising Company, Wach Fox-57, WIS-TV, Wolo TV and the South Carolina State News Paper, Mc Donald’s, Chic Fil A and Lizard’s Thicket restaurants.

Event Promotion:

The event will be promoted through all social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Day The Nation Held Hands facebook page will be created and volunteers will keep people updated through tweets on twitter. Event details will be published in the state newspapers and local magazines. There will be a number of press releases sent to all local television stations with details of how to get involved.

Volunteer Tracking:

All volunteers helping with this event will be asked to fill out a volunteer form. Once the form is completed their information will be logged in the Volunteer Reporter Software. This software is the most powerful volunteer management database available. It enables you to manage and track volunteers, stations, jobs, placements, hours, reimbursements, donations, and schedules. It reports summary and detailed information about all of this data.


The Day the Nation Held Hands Event will draw about 600 volunteers including adults and children. Through their volunteer efforts to fundraise, conduct several September 11 presentations and design cards, increased awareness and sense of community will be developed among residents of the Midlands of South Carolina.