Entrepreneurs For North Texas - Freedom Day 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011, the Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT) will host its 10th annual Freedom Day, an amazing day of community service day for 400+ caring volunteers from EFNT’s network of good corporate citizens.  Volunteers will join together in honor of those whose lives were lost and forever changed by the horrific events that occurred in September 2001. Over the past nine years, EFNT has engaged thousands of volunteers who have provided thousands of hours of service to Dallas-area charities during this powerful day of community service.  Every year, dozens of companies have met the urgent needs of such nonprofits as the Wilkinson Center, Camp Summit, the Science Place, Interfaith Housing Coalition, Central Dallas Ministries, Catholic Charities and Dallas Fire-Rescue. 

EFNT’s goal of the 2011 Freedom Day is to bring organizations, companies, and individuals together to accomplish one large goal, providing for those in need while commemorating the losses that occurred ten years before. This year, 400+ volunteers will contribute 2000+ service hours to five entities that provide critically needed services in South Dallas – Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Texas Trees Foundation, the African American Museum, the Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC) and the City of Dallas Code Compliance Department.  Through our multifaceted approach we will provide a neighborhood revitalization to improve the living conditions of hundreds of members of the South Fair Park community. By partnering with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and the City of Dallas Code Compliance we will provide much-needed “facelifts” to those homes and families that are in the greatest need.. Through our partnership with the ICDC, we will have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of the elderly population at the Happy Care Adult Day Center.   By aligning with the Texas Trees Foundation we will plant 100 trees as part of their “Tree North Texas” campaign, enhancing properties of  homeowners, community facilities and museums across South Dallas. In participation with the African American Museum we will give a fresh coat of paint and provide minor repairs to a historic facility used for education courses and summer camps for underprivileged children. Volunteers will be fully engaged in a wide array of activities, but at 8:46 am, 9:03 am, 9:37 am, and 10:03 am all 400+ the hammers will stop swinging, shovels will stop digging and paint brushes will cease to be stroked as volunteers honor a moment of silence to remember those whose lives were lost and forever changed by the horrific events that occurred in September 2001.

At the end of the day end the 400+ volunteers will have paid tribute to those whose lives were forever changed through planting in excess of 100 trees, improving the living conditions of 13 families, reconditioning the African American Museum so that children – 95% of whom receive free and reduced lunches provided by the state – can continue to learn about their heritage and enhancing the lives of the elderly at the adult daycare facility.

Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT) is a Non-Profit (501c3) that has one goal: make it easy to “do” good. Our Member Companies are small to medium sized corporations that are in still growing and defining there corporate persona; we design and implement ways for the company to give back to the community throughout the year. We work with companies to define and understand how corporate social responsibility can increase productivity, employee retention, and corporate moral.

Prior to the event all volunteers will sign up through an online application that tracks the volunteer’s information; name, employer, shirt size.  On the day of the event  all participants will meet at the Juanita Craft Community Centers to sign in and pick up their t-shirt, those that did not pre-register will be required to sign in and complete waiver providing EFNT with the most accurate way to measure attendance.  

Entrepreneurs For North Texas currently has in excess of 100 Member Companies all of whom have received our 2011 Freedom Day flyer  as well as we will engage more through email and phone calls as the event comes closer. All volunteers on the steering committee will be reaching out to their contacts to inform them of the volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. Through EFNT’s Member Companies and our Steering Committees contacts we will have spoken with more than 200 companies in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Months prior to the event D CEO a Dallas based publication includes an article highlighting our event and our previous year’s success.

This year we hope to make Freedom Day 2011 the largest and most impactful event in EFNT’s history!