Have Faith Operation Hope

On September 12, 2011, in remembrance of those who lost
their lives and survivors who live to reflect and honor their lives, Have Faith
Operation Hope pledges a community-wide food drive.  The goal is to open a food pantry for the
citizens of Clarendon County.  In collaboration with Clarendon School Districts
1 and 2, along with the Mother Geneva Johnson Academy, we pledge to have 1000
volunteers donate non-perishable goods to help families in need.  The non-perishable
goods will be available to families residing in Clarendon County once (1x) a
month.  Every month, on the 11th
of that month, or the preceding Monday of that week, all schools pledge to
donate non-perishable items to stock warehouse of goods available for families
in need. Through the school districts, principals, teachers, and the
Interagency Council of Clarendon County, families will be made aware of the
community driven food pantry catering to the growing needs of families across
the county. Because of unforeseen circumstances families have been forced to
work 2 or more jobs to pay for increasing cost of gas and groceries to feed the

On a rotating schedule, the schools in Clarendon County will
open a mobile food pantry to address the needs of local families. In order to
provide a nutritional meal for the family, caretakers often need supplements to
help them prepare a full meal. This mobile pantry will be available for each
family one time a month.

Have Faith Operation Hope will be the responsible
administrator in charge of all paperwork—including family demographics and
tracking of all food donated, storage of food, and scheduling and tracking of
food pantry items disbursed.

Local grocery stores will be solicited for fresh fruit and
vegetables and donations to help stock the food pantry. Have Faith CDC is a
member of the Clarendon County Interagency Council and is in the position to
facilitate a community wide effort to increase the nutritional input of
children and families. In turn, children will be able to focus and learn more
in the classroom, and parents and family members will be encouraged to eat

Volunteers will establish community collaborations and
develop a sense of responsibility and a cooperative effort to make a change—one
community at a time. Have Faith Operation Hope is dedicated to this challenge
focusing on one community need at a time, realizing we can only be empowered
when we do it together.

The Day of Service and Remembrance will be commemorated by a
ceremony at the administration office of the Have Faith Operation Hope Food
Pantry. A ribbon cutting ceremony and a moment of silence with balloons
released to remember those lost and opening of the pantry for free food for
families will ensue. Community leaders will orchestrate the ceremony and all
local community donations will be recognized.

Date and location of the opening of the mobile food pantry
will be available for the community. On the first Friday of every month—at the
Interagency Council of Clarendon County—notices of food pantry distributions
will be made available to all agencies in attendance. Periodic visits to the
local school will be made to drop off, email and fax notices to make families
aware of ongoing assistance available to them one time a month.