The Service of Giving: LSUA 9/11 Service Project

LSUA September 11 Service Project: The Service of Giving

Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LSUA) accepts the challenge issued by the Corporation for National and Community Services to develop activities that will mark the anniversary of September 11, 2001 and honor those veterans who served our country in response to the events of that historic day.

Located in Central Louisiana, a region that has strong military traditions and that is the home of two military bases and a Veterans hospital, LSUA is a publicly-supported institution that provides undergraduate-level college education to the citizens of Central Louisiana. The university’s mission is to provide a caring environment that challenges students to seek excellence in their studies and their lives. The university has recently been designated a “Military-Friendly School” in recognition of the support services it provides to students who are either active-duty military or veterans. LSUA’s proposed project will complement the university’s mission by instilling a spirit of service that will strengthen the character of our students and increase their appreciation for those who have sacrificed for our country.

The proposed service project will be developed and implemented by LSUA’s Student Services Department in collaboration with the university’s Veterans Support Committee, its academic departments, and its student organizations.  The project will also involve working closely with Alexandria’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). The VAMC is a primary and secondary care facility that serves a potential veteran population of over 100,000 and that has an active patient roster of over 37,000.  The goal of LSUA’s project is to assess the immediate and basic needs of the veterans housed in VAMC;  to encourage our students to help meet those needs with the support of the local community; and to pay tribute to our local veterans by remembering the events of September 11 through the service of giving. 

We plan to set up a collection center in each university department by the beginning of the first week of September. Students, faculty, staff and members of the local community will be invited to give of themselves by donating personal hygiene products, refreshment supplies, and recreational items (e.g., board games, playing cards, audio and video equipment) to support our local veterans.

Our proposed project will involve not only the campus population but also members of the local community. In fact, we anticipate hundreds of people volunteering to make a contribution to our efforts.  We plan to send mass communications across campus and to local media outlets to help generate interest and support.

At each collection site, we plan to have log sheets available to identify givers and their contributions. The log will help us track the number of people that volunteer and/or contribute. We also plan to have a small memorial wreath at each site for contributors to pay their respects and honor as they give.

Finally, we plan to invite a group of local veterans to visit our campus, so that we can personally honor their service and express our thanks for their sacrifices.  The veterans will be provided with breakfast and the opportunity to meet the students who contributed to our service project. 

Thanks you for your consideration of our proposed project.