24 Hours of Service

The events of September, 11 2001 will forever live on the collective memories of the citizenry of the United States.  There was not a state or town that did not feel the impact of that day. Here in Cache Valley, Utah we are isolated in many ways from the rest of the nation, and as such we may have “moved on” more quickly than many others. The spirit of unity and service has dimmed somewhat in the last 10 years, and due to economic impacts, over 70 community service organizations are in greater need than ever before. It is this opportunity we would like to address as part of the National Day of Service.


The Center for the School of the Future and their AmeriCorps VISTA members will challenge the community of Cache Valley to a 24-hour Day of Service.  We will be looking for teams of volunteers to serve in the community at all levels at project around the valley. From 9am on September 10 through 9 am on September 11, 2011 volunteers throughout Cache Valley will be participating in service projects, memorial events, and reflection on the meaning of the day and the events that have followed it.

We will challenge our community members to get out there and serve where needed in honor of the service and sacrifices of those who have served our country since September 11, 2001.  We will begin the day with a tribute to those emergency responders who have risen in service in reaction to the tragedy, and end the 24-hour Day of Service with a breakfast banquet and time of reflection to pay tribute to local heroes; men, women, and families of those who have served.

We’ve set a goal to recruit 2000 volunteers to work at the projects. Volunteers will be able to sign up online and we are encouraging participants to organize themselves into teams and to tackle projects of their own choosing. For those who sign up alone or are in need of a project, we will have several organized which they may choose from. The website will also provide tracking for the service given. Participants can sign in at their project when they begin and sign out including the number of hours they worked when they are finished.

The organizations that have already committed to assist and participate in our service activity are the Center for the School of the Future, Utah State University, USU Access & Diversity Center, USU Sexual Assault & Anti-Violence Information, Utah National Guard Family Program, USU Veterans Resource Center, CAPSA, Cosmic Nudge, Inc., Stokes Nature Center, United Way of Cache Valley, Cache County Senior Citizen Center, Aggie Cat Services, Cache Humane Society, Cache Valley No Child Left Inside, Cache Valley Volunteer Center, Red Cross of Cache County, Cache Food Pantry, Humanitarian Service Room, Cache County School District, Logan City School District, Logan City Emergency Services, and Cache Community Connections. Partnerships will continue to be created as we continue to plan and make arrangements for the project.

Our first priority is for volunteers to complete projects for various non-profit organizations and get the work done these organizations are in great need of. Our second goal is for the community of Cache Valley to develop a greater understanding of September 11, a greater appreciation of the changes our country has undergone, the freedoms that we enjoy, and the sacrifices that others have made. We hope the hours spent in service and remembrance will create a positive experience out of what is considered a tragic day in American history and cultivate a spirit of compassion, unity, and service.

To promote this event we will utilize our partner organizations and involve them in talking about the event with their patrons. To involve school children, we plan on implementing a poster contest to advertise the September 11th Day of Service. The selected poster will be put up in local businesses, community event boards, and other public areas. We will also issue a press release and hope to involve local newspapers and radio in publicizing and documenting the event. We will create a website which will provide all the information about the project and provide the tracking system as described earlier.