The names of all organizations who will be involved in the service activity;

United Way of Central Kentucky
1111 North Dixie Blvd
Elizabethtown, KY 42701;

 The American Red Cross

405 West Dixie Ave

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

How the service activity will address a community need or challenge:

The American Red Cross is a vital organization in our community. They provide disaster relief for all those experiencing tragedies such as fire, tornados, flooding and other disasters that cause hardship in our community. Their building, located in Elizabethtown, KY, at the heart of United Way of Central Kentucky’s five county service area of Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue and Meade, is in dire need of renovation. With need of new paint, new flooring, and better service station, classrooms and storage, The American Red Cross needs to be repaired in order to serve our community quickly and efficiently.

In 2010, The American Red Cross in our service area, helped 235 families transition to normalcy after their home, with all their belongings after a tragedy occurred with funding from United Way of Central Kentucky. The American Red Cross provides these families with a place to stay, clothing and food while they adjust to their situation and are able to make arrangements to find a new place to live. In addition to the service that The American Red Cross provides to the family who just lost their home, The American Red Cross also provides services to the firemen and women on the scene as well. The American Red Cross provides water and food to firefighters during the tragedy.

United Way of Central Kentucky’s mission is to “Connect our community for the common good.” United Way does in this by connecting people with the resources they need and deserve, whether it be a local person in need to a funded partner, or a funded partner with resources they need to help all in our community. United Way of Central Kentucky plans on providing The American Red Cross with not only the funds to help make their facility functional, but also with the volunteers to do so as well.


How the day of service will commemorate the losses on September 11, 2001 and honor the service and sacrifices of those who have responded since that day;

With this day of service, we plan on honoring all those men and women that have made sacrifices, whether it is the ultimate sacrifice of their lives or otherwise by commemorating their essence in a mural at The American Red Cross.  The Red Cross has a wonderful place to create a mural at their blood-giving station. This will be the most viewed place to the public since this is the most common use to the public. The American Red Cross sees many volunteers that give blood each week. Most volunteers that donate blood are at the facility for approximately 10 minutes, which will provide adequate time for everyone to view the mural during their donation time.

We plan to also honor several veterans on the day that the project is completed by hosting a small ceremony. We will present the veteran with a token of our appreciation, as well as letting them have the first look at the mural and new building facility.


The number of volunteers expected;

               With United Way of Central Kentucky and The American Red Cross’ large volunteer base, we expect a base number of 200 volunteers with additional volunteers to come with the advertisement of this event through newspaper and radio ads.




What volunteers are expected to accomplish through their service;

Volunteers will be expected to accomplish a room renovation.  We will divide the volunteers into teams and assign the teams a room to redo in a weekend (3 days). We expect the teams to complete a wish list of items that need to be repaired or updated that is prepared by the American Red Cross. This will not only result in a better building for the American Red Cross, but hopefully a sense of teamwork, as well as a renewed pride in being an American by focusing on the importance of all that was sacrificed on 9/11.


Information about how you will promote the Day of Service and Remembrance.

            United Way of Central Kentucky will promote this day of service by using our large network of volunteers and donators. We will offer the opportunity to create a team to help renovate The American Red Cross to companies in the area that have a culture of giving. We will also advertise this opportunity using local newspapers as well as local radio stations to draw in volunteers to join a team to help on an individual level.