UOG AmeriCorps National Day of Service and Remembrance

    Ten years ago on September 11, 2001, the United States took a catastrophic hit against its financial capital. Organized by a terrorist group called Al-Qaida, four commercial jets were hijacked and en route to different locations around the Nation with specific intentions to destroy the nation’s main assets.  Three out of the four planes successfully hit its target leaving one failing to do so. Thousands of lives were taken and perhaps spared on that fateful day, leaving the nation in complete and total shock. From that day people all over the nation joined together to lend a helping hand to the one country that still stood tall even after what transpired that fateful day. September 11, 2011, marked a day in history when countries all over the world stood together to defend America the Beautiful, with as much patriotism a country would ever see.

Inspired by such dedication and patriotism, we, the University of Guam AmeriCorps program proposes to sponsor a Nation Day of Service and Remembrance event with the help and aid from the University of Guam, The University of Guam Student Government Association, the University of Guam Army Reserve Training Corps Program, The Guam Army National Guard and various University of Guam student organizations. Our goal is to raise awareness, show remembrance and increase patriotism all over the island of Guam for both local and military personnel.

The weeklong event expected to begin on September 7, 2011 and ending on September 14, 2011 will consist of a showcase dedication in the University’s student center rotunda. Each section of the rotunda will be dedicated to different aspects of the event such as (1) a section honoring the fallen men and women from Guam, Micronesia and the Pacific Region, (2) a section consecrated solely for the names of the three thousand plus men, women, and children who lost their lives as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks, (3) a billboard of stories and testimonials from the survivors, witnesses and service members. The display of stories will be useful for the high traffic area it will be placed in for the continued remembrance of the lives lost, lives protected, and lives forever tarnished with hurt and fear on that fateful September day, (4) a section of the Student Rotunda will stage a video montage of clips and videos of the attacks and the after math created as well as incorporated dedications from students around the campus voicing their appreciation of the men and women who have died and who continue to serve our island and our nation defending our freedom, (5) The center of the rotunda where natural sunlight is pulled from all directions will have a 3D replica of the twin towers that will be surrounded by a wishing well. Proceeds collected daily from the wishing well will then be donated to the local Salvation Army. (6) Throughout the weeklong event there will be free stationary paper available to the public and the campus to write dedication notecards that will then be sent to the service members currently serving on the battleground in the various branches. Along with the provided stationary there will also be a nonperishable food item drive throughout the week that will also be sent as part of a care package containing the video montage and stationary dedications. (7) Lastly, we will set a section of the rotunda as the designated place for volunteers to register with the AmeriCorps VISTA group in hopes to gain more awareness and recruit volunteers to serve the community needs. UOG AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA will set a target goal of 150 new volunteers to be registered at the event. With the economy in financial crisis, the volunteer drive will help the government save on money preparing and maintaining the facilities that provide service to the underprivileged in our community in cooperation with the village Mayors and the Mayors Council of Guam.

The weeks leading up to the weeklong event, we plan to utilize the UOG Integrated Marketing and Communications Office, the UOG Student Government Association radio station, Public Radio, the various local  and military television, print and radio mediums to promote the event. Online networking sites will also be a key form of advertisement that will be used.

The highlight of the dedication will take place on Sunday, September 11 2011. We the University of Guam Americorps program will host an entirely free of cost “Tribute to The Family” event that will be organized with numerous activities specifically targeting military families past and present as well as those in the general public. The day will consist of a demonstration/ war simulation provided by the Universities ROTC program, and a rock-climbing wall provided by the Guam Army National Guard ROPES program for added entertainment. As a small token of The University of Guam Americorps programs appreciation, hotdogs, shaved ice, and bottled water will be given throughout the event while supplies last.

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