ACCORD Community First - Remember 9-11 the Ride

ACCORD Community First / Long Beach Fire Department
David Zanatta
Title: ACCORD Volunteer - Board Member, Secretary / (event coordinator)
Address: 400 Oceangate, Suite 510, Long Beach, California 90802
Phone: 562-244-7644
E-Mail Address:

The names of organizations who will be involved in the service activity;

  • ACCORD Community First
  • JCA Resources, Inc.
  • Alliance Resource Consulting LLC
  • Robert Hall and Associates
  • McKenna’s on the Bay
  • UPS
  • Orange County Sheriffs
  • Orange County Fire
  • Newport Beach
  • Newport Beach Police
  • Long Beach Police
  • Long Beach Fire
  • City of Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Beach Fire
  • Huntington Beach Fire
  • Huntington Beach Police
  • Seal Beach Police
    (More to come in the month ahead)

How will the service activity address a community need or challenge? - Over the past 10 years Remember 911 Ride provides this region with a commemorative ceremony that is open to all communities and addresses the public’s need to keep this tragic day in their hearts and minds. This day has been FREE and involved Volunteers/riders for ten years. This Year through donations, we will continue to grow the day and establish an Annual Fund for selected charities. The Ceremony; Ride; FREE Concert; Flyover; CommemorativeFireworks display; provides the public with a continued sense of AMERICA, as well as provides a location and solemn opportunity for the public to pay their respects to the fallen; support the survivors; and bring focus and to THANK our Nation’s First Responders who put their lives on the line for America each day. Our goal continues to be to maintain this tradition moving forward in the years ahead with the establishment of a Memorial and Scholarship Fund for First Responders and other selected charities that make a difference within the communities they serve.

How will it commemorate the losses on September 11, 2001 and honor the service and sacrifices of those who have responded since that day? - For the first 10 years the focal point of the day was a Commemorative Ceremony staged at a private citizen’s home – Fire Fighter Gary Biggerstaff. He hand-made 343 memorial crosses with the names of each fallen Firefighter from 911 and displayed them on his front lawn that was easily accessible for view by the public. It was a place a place for west coast people who could not travel the distance to pay their respects to these heroes. Along with the week-long vigil on the day of September 11, a solemn ceremony is performed with relatives of the fallen invited to speak and the names of those 343 crosses read with the respect and dignity appropriate to the uniforms they represented that fatal day. This year the Long Beach Fire Department has been granted a “piece of the WTC,” which will also serve to help the public embrace the memory as we unveil the piece at the Ceremony.

What is the number of volunteers expected? - Each of the 10 years we have organized this day, the volunteer numbers have jumped.
Last year more than 1700 riders volunteered to Ride; more than 2,000 visitedGary Biggerstaff’s Cross Memorial at his home and 500+ volunteered in the organization and coordination of the Ride and Ceremony. This year because the day has reached a critical mass and can no longer be held in Gary’s community for safety reasons, we have grown the event and volunteer expectations have risen to 2500 riders; 1000 support personnel; more than 2000 volunteer visits to the Memorial Crosses at Gary’s home; and an expected attendance to the FREE Tribute Concert; US Military Flyover and Commemorative Fireworks display to hit between 20,000 to 50,000+ people. (After hearing instructions from the Grant conference call we will track this with a volunteer sign in sheet)

What volunteers are expected to accomplish through their service? The volunteers in the past have asked for nothing along this journey in honoring this day. They accomplish a service to their country and community by providing this access to a west coast location where all can morn; they fulfill their need to respect and honor America’s fallen; and complete a deep and sincere need to say “THANK YOU” to our First Responders across our Nation, with America in their hearts.

Information about how you will promote the Day of Service and Remembrance? - The response to the ‘Remember 911 Ride’ has grown tremendously overthe years and has been broken down into three segments. ACCORD Community First, a local Long Beach non-profit has come aboard to coordinate and assist in helping raise funds to promote and establish a sustainable program/event for the years ahead that include three counties of Southern California and raise awareness and money for a newly establish 911 Memorial Fund. The day will include: Media, Promotional posters and handouts; a week long display at Gary Biggerstaff’s home of the 343 original crosses open to the public (which will then move to the event location on the day of 911 observance); the Official Ride (lead by a celebrity of note – to come), which is expected to draw more than 2500+ volunteer riders; a military flyover – (confirmed); the same, simple, non-political solemn Ceremony with the naming of the 343, with short speeches by a relative of one of the fallen; a FREE Tribute Concert open to the public (with a top celebrity band - to be announced); and a moving ‘America the Beautiful’ Commemorative Fireworks display to be viewed by more than (50,000+) people in Long Beach neighborhoods and at the event; along with the establishment of the First Annual Long Beach Fire – Remember 911 Ride Memorial Fund. The Remember911ride website at: carries a full description of the “Story,” the event and how the donations will be raised and what this year hopes to accomplish.