Operation Hangar Cleanup Part 2, Walk-a-thon, and Commemorative Flight

L.A. Works and HTH Foundation are confirmed partners in this 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance activity called OPERATION HANGAR CLEANUP PART 2, WALK-A-THON, AND COMMEMORATIVE FLIGHT. Additional local businesses that are current, new and potential partners will be invited to participate: International Lease Finance Corporation, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and B/E Aerospace). Other current TAM partners, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals and Learning for Life will also be invited to participate. TAM will invite other Learning for Life Explorer posts in Compton, Sheriffs and Fire Explorers, to learn and serve.

The issue of poverty is particularly relevant in Compton as an increasing number of families are in jeopardy of losing their jobs and homes. Compton suffers from high rates of crime, gang activity, and drug use, while having very low high school graduation rates. According to CQ Press using reported data from the F.B.I., Compton is ranked #8 in the 2010 City Crime Rate Rankings. According to the California Department of Education (DOE), the high school graduation rate for Compton Unified School District (CUSD) is only 47%. The DOE’s 2010 Academic Performance Index (API) rates Compton schools very poorly. Compton’s high schools have a score of 588, compared to the statewide high school average of 729. Overall, CUSD scored 679, while the state average was 767.

Without programs that improve the community's chances for success, the cycle of poverty will continue. Such losses create a need for on-going services that may be highlighted through 9/11 Day of Service activities, and TAM also wishes to highlight the aviation heroes, and an industry that has learned from the failures of the aviation security system on this tragic date in American history.

Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum (TAM) operates a nonprofit flight academy, whose mission is to provide youth opportunities and resources in aviation and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as an alternative to drugs, gang violence, and other self-destructive activities; and on 9/11 seeks to unite the community through aviation with a day of service project.

9/11 Commemorative Flights will highlight TAM’s 9/11 Day of Service

·On September 11, 2011, Aviation Explorer student pilot and one of TAM's FAA Certified Flight Instructors will commemorate the losses exactly 10 years ago and honor the service and sacrifices of those who have responded since that day, especially 9/11’s aviation heroes. They'll fly an airplane dedicated to Tuskegee Airmen on a 10-airport tour around the greater Los Angeles area to spread and continue the story of courage and heroism in aviation.

·Additionally, Aero Squad Private Pilot and Fireman Dan Yessman will begin a multi-city tour, including New York City to honor his fellow firefighters and raise money for TAM’s Aviation Explorer Scholarships to help at-risk youth become licensed pilots.

Volunteers and press will be invited to front row seats for the departures and landings of the 9/11 Commemorative Flights.  

TAM and L.A. Works are expecting approximately 500 volunteers on September 11, 2011. 

TAM and L.A. Works plan to continue the project Operation Hangar Cleanup, which began on MLK Day 2011. CNCS Board Member Hyepin Im was among several VIP guests, and Operation Hangar Cleanup was selected as one of the hot MLK Day Projects in California receiving local media coverage by KTLA News and other websites. On 9/11, volunteers will continue preparing the STEM Lab educational center; complete the Sky Café where students can learn job skills and build work experience; and remodel the VISTA Office. TAM is currently an award recipient of the AmeriCorps*VISTA program to help TAM build capacity for its afterschool program and expansion of computer labs with flight simulator. The STEM Lab will be used by the community, and the future on-site STEM program that is currently being established by TAM’s new partnership with the Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence and its NASA Summer of Innovation program called The Earth We Share – Space Race, which was also awarded with AmeriCorps*VISTA Summer Associates.

In addition to Operation Hangar Cleanup Part 2, TAM plans to host a Walk-a-thon on the Compton Airport for volunteers to walk, run, cylce, or skate to raise awareness for 9/11 aviation heroes and raise funds for TAM’s Aero Squad Aftershool and Summer Learning Program.

The AmeriCorps*VISTAs at TAM will invite VISTAs from the greater LA area, and will spearhead the promotion efforts for this Day of Service and Remembrance at TAM utilizing:

  • Social media: facebook, twitter, crowdrise, blog
  • Constant Contact email newsletters
  • Local TV media: KTLA and other news outlets, Compton Cable
  • Local Radio PSAs
  • Print media: LA Times, NY Times, Compton Bulletin
  • Partner websites
  • Partner email lists: International Lease Finance Corporation, Boeing

Additionally, TAM Board of Directors will clearly articulate TAM’s mission and our goals for 9/11 Day of Service primarily paying respect to the victims and their families. TAM’s Board Chair is a retired United Airlines Captain. TAM’s Board of Directors, Founder and Executive Director, partners, other benefactors, and beneficiaries will bring the aviation community together on a very important day in aviation history while uniting Compton and the greater Los Angeles area in the fight against poverty through education. TAM wishes to continue the progress that has been made in aviation by making tomorrow’s history today, and commends the aviation industry’s response and how it continues to learn from the mistakes made on 9/11.

There have been many valuable lessons learned from history, and 9/11 is no exception. The study and awareness of 9/11 is the perfect service project for the Aero Squad After School and Summer Learning Program participants at TAM. The 9/11 Operation Hangar Cleanup, Walk-a-thon, and Commemorative Flight will include a moment of silence to remember the victims and their families, a time of reflection with the students and volunteers to discuss how the nation came together and how TAM is fighting poverty by providing resources to youth in aviation and STEM through service.