Project Remembrance 911 National Map & Media Campaign

Proeject Remembrance 911 National Map and Media Campaign


Journeys to Understanding, a Washington DC-based non-profit organization, has launched a national online mapping campaign that will help to empower volunteers across the country to take part in community events related to the tenth anniversary of 9-11.  By creating an online space to capture information in real time, we will identify, promote, and equip the many programs, persons, and organizations that are committed to making  9-11 an annual day of service.  To further engage individuals through existing social networking tools we have launched a web-based information campaign called Brother Sister Neighbor Friend that will be used to help create positive dialogue and serve as an important database for future events.  


A Unique Way to Engage a Nation

This is a unique response to the coalition’s challenge because instead of creating a one-time event, we are working to strengthen the efforts of all community events while building a national network of community leaders whom we will encourage and empower to continue their involvement in positive service projects well beyond the tenth anniversary of 9-11.  Our campaign has two elements, one for  organizations and one for individuals.


1)  Through our mapping project, Project Remembrance Map 911, our goal is to identify 911 events around the nation. We will then provide information about each event on our map to help promote the event.  By gathering information on the events and promoting them online we are:

  • Increasing participation in the many local events through increased publicity.
  • Creating multiple opportunities for idea sharing.
  • Building a critical database of local organizers and leaders committed to improving cross-cultural and interfaith relations.




Project Remembrance Map 9-11 is unique in that it utilizes newly created real-time mapping technology which was first used to deploy teams of first responders after the Haiti earthquake.  The technology, called Ushahidi, was also instrumental in providing real-time logistical information for citizens engaged in the Egyptian revolution.  Its proven ease of use and wide accessibility across both web-based and mobile platforms make it equally ideal for non-crisis coordination and information sharing.  Journeys to Understanding would be the first to engage Ushahidi for this purpose.  Because it operates in real-time, last-minute changes may be made, updates may be publicized, and people worldwide can monitor the hundreds of events happening on 9-11-2011. 


2) Our public information campaign, Brother Sister Neighbor Friend, is a national effort engaging video volunteers of every age to participate in a creative project of building an online video that uses real people to introduce other real people in an effort to dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding faith expressions in America.  The plan is simply to invite anyone with a video camera, smart phone, or other video device to introduce a person who is different from himself/herself and to explain why that person matters to them.  Emphasizing human relationships rather than political or religious ideologies, viewers will begin to gain a more realistic picture and help to dispel the myths perpetuated after 9-11. 



How we will honor the losses on 9-11

We are working to set the tone in our publicity materials to encourage positive, peaceful, and pro-social activities.  Additionally, our plan for the video campaign is to create an edited video which will be available for use at the many events around the nation that have been identified through our mapping project.



Number of Participants:  

Because this is a national campaign and because it the first of its kind, it is difficult to predict how many persons will participate.  It is structured, however to encourage participation at both the personal and organizational levels.  We will use the analytics built into Ushahidi’s software to provide an instant snapshot of the project’s success.  Additionally, Journeys to Understanding will encourage participation in a survey to gain valuable feedback.  



Though resources are meager, we have already begun to publicize our efforts. Through news releases, social media networking, blogging, guest appearance on radio and television, and through issue-based writing for key blogs (Washington Post On Faith, and Huffington Post’s Religion blog). 





Our two-part campaign to a) capture and organize the sea of information about community-based 9-11 events and to b) invite individuals to join voices with others around the nation to model cooperation and communication is the beginning of an effort we believe will extend beyond 2011. Because the plan partners with so many like-minded individuals and because its reach is national, we hope it will energize and 

invigorate a movement that will only grow.



More Information

You may find more information on our website,  


To see the project map in real-time, please go HERE.


To learn more about “Brother Sister Neighbor Friend” and watch the invitational video, go HERE.


About Journeys to Understanding:  A newly formed non-profit, Journeys to Understanding  grew out of the need for Muslims and adherents of other faith cultures to better understand each other.  Operating from the belief that person-to-person interaction is the best way to counter misconceptions, Journeys is building its program largely through volunteer efforts.  Its co-founders have expertise in leading educational immersion journeys, media production, and advocacy.