L.A. Remembers Coalition


The L.A. Remembers Coalition is planning 9/11 service and commemoration activities throughout the Los Angeles Area.  Volunteer Center of Los Angeles/Assistance League of Southern California is applying to serve as the fiscal agent for the Coalition.  Should the Coalition be selected to receive funding through the 9/11 Challenge, VCLA will facilitate sub-grants to Coalition members in future years.  Combined efforts of the Coalition in 2011 are expected to engage more than 2,500 individuals from all walks of life in a wide variety of activities to demonstrate the united, diverse commitment to service in commemoration of 9/11 across Los Angeles.

Coalition Partners and Activities

The L.A. Remembers Coalition includes the following partners, with a synopsis of their planned activities on or around 9/11/2011:

1.       Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the LA Cities of Service Office:  Leading a commemorative event on 9/9 at the LA Fire Department – Arson at Elysian Park, where a piece of the World Trade Center is displayed.  The Mayor and City officials will also attend and promote key Coalition events.  This aligns with the L.A. Cities of Service commitment.

2.       Volunteer Center of Los Angeles:  Facilitating 4-6 volunteer project to engage an estimated 350 Veteran and civilian volunteers.  Project sites will include First Responder and VA facilities, a local school, a homeless agency, and community gardens. 

3.       Big Sunday:  Facilitating a week-long food drive, culminating in a community breakfast at 6am on 9/11.  Volunteers will sort, pack and deliver the food donated;  write cards to soldiers; and document where they were on 9/11/01.  They anticipate 300 volunteers.

4.       City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission:  Hosting a commemorative event with 100 participants; hosting the L.A. Remembers Coalition website listing all known LA-Area 9/11-related activities; supporting ongoing volunteering within various community groups.

5.       City Year Los Angeles:  In partnership with VCLA and other Coalition members, planning and engaging their 220 members in service on 9/11.  They will also provide trained project leaders.

6.       Citizen Global:  (Tentative for current year)  Facilitating a storytelling network platform for the L.A. Remembers Coalition, with full social media integration allowing all organizations and volunteers have access to sharing their 9/11 experiences to expand distribution of the message of service.

7.       Habitat for Humanity:  Holding L.A. Remembers build events leading up to 9/11 culminating with special memorial events on multiple sites and in both stores on 9/10. Events will engage up to 350 volunteers.

8.       Islamic Center of Southern California:  Co-hosting an interfaith commemorative event, as well as a blood drive on 9/11.

9.       Los Angeles Conservation Corps:  Engagement details are to be determined, but will likely include activation of their Corps members in service to the environment.  This event will engage approximately 150 volunteers.

10.   L.A. Works:  Implementing facilities renovation at the Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, engaging 150 Veteran and civilian volunteers.  They are also encouraging other nonprofits to build 9/11 volunteer projects to engage an additional 850 volunteers.

11.   Muslim Public Affairs Council:  Co-sponsoring two interfaith commemorative events on 9/11;  distributing information kits to increase community engagement among the Muslim community;  pitching stories to media.  150 individuals are expected to participate.

12.   Occidental College:  Hosting a community clean-up on 9/10 in partnership with the LA Office of Beautification, engaging 150 students, faculty and community members.  They will also host an interfaith commemorative event with approximately 50 participants.

13.   Service Nation:  Focusing on outreach to their volunteers, event promotion and identification of additional service projects.

14.   ShareFest:  Planning service projects at local elementary schools, including painting murals, hosting a backpack drive, repairing benches, cleaning classrooms and repurposing basketball hoops, and building an outdoor classroom. An estimated 335 volunteers are expected.

15.   Taproot Foundation:  Facilitating a pro bono “speed-consulting” event focused on organizations that serve Veterans.  An anticipated 15 pro bono consultants will participate, providing nonprofit capacity building expertise.

Other Coalition Members

A Paine PR representative will provide pro bono marketing and PR guidance to the Coalition to ensure it is both in alignment with national 9/11 Day of Service messaging and as effective as possible in reaching the LA community.

Representatives from the CNCS State Office are participating in Coalition meetings and will help promote the events to the various California National Service projects, as well as provide any technical assistance available through CNCS resources and Serve.Gov.  (NOTE:  The CNCS State Office has had no role in developing this concept paper.)

Another 6-8 organizations have also expressed interest in joining. The L.A. Remembers Coalition is open to all Los Angeles-based organizations committed to appropriate, high-impact commemoration activities related to 9/11.

Coalition Outcomes

  • Community Needs Met:  While the benefits of these activities are wide-ranging, they can be summarized as follows:
    • Improving the grounds, facilities and support of Veteran-serving and First Responder organizations
    • Supporting organizations serving children.
    • Improving the environment.
    • Expanding access to healthy foods for low-income families.
    • Fostering respect and tolerance through joint community service and commemorations.
    • Expanding awareness of the importance, benefit and opportunity to commemorate 9/11 through service to community.

  • Number of Volunteers and Commemoration Event Participants:  Approximately 2,500.  Given the breadth of the activities hosted by the Coalition, it may be challenging to document the full list of participants.  VCLA will work with all Coalition members to obtain names and contact information for all volunteers and participants.
  • Event Promotion:  Event promotion and media outreach will be largely led by the Mayor’s Office, with guidance from a pro bono consultant from Paine PR.  The LA City HR Commission will host a Coalition website, where all activities will be listed.  Additionally, all Coalition members will cross-promote to their stakeholders.
  • Ongoing Collaboration:  This Coalition is committed to exploring other partnerships in the months and years ahead to expand service throughout the Los Angeles area.  In addition to future 9/11 activities, this may include, for example, service days such as MLK Day, expanded community dialogue around human relations and reconciliation, and expanded opportunities for volunteering and service year-round.