Quilts for Homeless

Central Iowa Shelter & Services (CISS) will host a massive quilt square service project. We are asking participants to decorate squares in honor or in memory of someone they know who has served their country as either a military service member or public service worker (firefighter, police officer, nurse, etc). The quilts will give service member’s legacy of service live on by providing warmth to the United State’s most indigent people.

CISS has set a goal of having 3,000 volunteer participate in our 9/11 service project. That is approximately one person for every one person who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Through designing and decorating quilt squares participants will show respect and deference to the sacrifice of those lost on September 11, 2001 and pay tribute to those who have risen in service in response to the tragedy. There will be a moment of silence at the beginning of the event and at the end to honor those who have died.

The quilt square project will engage volunteers before and after the day of service. Volunteers beforehand will help by gathering materials for the project. Materials needed will be fabric, fabric markers and puff paints as well as other fabric materials that can be used in completion of the quilts. Volunteers afterward will help assemble the quilts and then once completed they will be given to CISS for distribution.

If 3,000 people participate in making at least one quilt square, which is 10” x 10” CISS will have enough squares to make over 60 quilts the size of 5 feet by 6.5 feet. This is only if participants make just one square. Depending on supplies, people will be able to make as many squares as they like or as they have people to honor and remember.

By providing a simple service project with a powerful idea, CISS expects to create enough buzz and excitement leading up to the day of the event that it will reach the volunteer participant goal of 3,000 people. Also being a part of a competition for an award ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 to further benefit the community at large will also spur participation. CISS will promote the event by submitting press releases to local news media; submitting the event information on public calendars; as well as speaking in front of groups such as local chambers, young professional associations, etc. CISS also plans to activate members of its large volunteer network developed through support from the local faith community, businesses and other organizations that provide evening meals at the shelter.

We will be encouraging participants to RSVP to track potential participants and then have everyone sign in and sign out the day of the event. To track volunteers and time served we will have volunteers ensuring individuals sign in to have a verifiable record and to track our engagement goal. This event will showcase that everyone can contribute to help end homelessness. CISS hopes to use this service event to further engage the community’s involvement in addressing homeless issues.