Mason High School - Senior Day of Service

In the spring of 2011, Mason High School was approached by a local rival High School, Kings High School, with a unique proposition.  Kings was inviting Mason to join them in participating in the National Day of Service.  The prior seniors at Kings High School had such a great experience last year that they wanted others to join in the experience.  The students at Mason loved the idea and the ball was rolling.  Thus far, it has been incredible to see the two schools develop a friendship.  Kings is a much small school than Mason.  Kings has about 200 seniors.  The Kings students will participate in the projects that they find and Mason will participate in the opportunities that they find.  A logo that incorporates both schools mascots was developed, so each school will be wearing the same shirt on the day of service for easy recognition and identification. 

Both schools have teamed up with the local Rotary Club for the day.  Rotarians will join the students and staff from each school at their various locations.  This will show students that people need to give back their entire life.  Service is the responsibility of everyone and does not stop as you get older.  Rotary is a perfect match for such a project/service day as they are all about service.  In addition to the service, students will connect with adult mentors from the community.

Mason High School is attempting to get the entire senior class, (700+) to participate in a Day of Service, scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2011.  Mason High School felt the impact of September 11, ten years ago dramatically.  We had two sisters who lost their mother in the twin towers on the day.  Since then we have attempted to annually honor their mother and another gentleman from Mason who were lost on that day.  This year, we are attempting to step it up a notch.  In addition to our annual collection to support the foundations of these two individuals, we are creating an entire day of service opportunities.

We will meet and check in at 8:00/8:30am on Saturday, September 10.  After a pre-service pep talk all volunteers will move out.  100 students will be driven to downtown Cincinnati for the Buddy Walk to raise money, funds and awareness for Down syndrome. Both schools will be sending students to the Buddy Walk.   Ninety plus students will head to the local parks and recreation department to paint, mulch, pick up litter and help with projects at local senior citizens homes. The local parks and recreation department has suffered many losses as a result of the economic times.  When the students contacted them they were thrilled to have as many volunteers as we could give them to get some of the projects they no longer have the staff to address.   Yet another group will head to a local nursing home, to read to, sing for etc., the residents.  Some will head to the City Gospel Mission to help serve lunch and breakfast to the homeless.  Also confirmed at this time is a group going to a local farm, Gorman Farm, to help with a corn maze.   We also have two projects that students can stay and do at the school.  One group will be working with Leukemia Lymphoma association helping prepare for several Light the Night Walks.  The last group will spear head the annual Pennies from Heaven coin collection. 

The students will work closely with the district Public Information Officer to promote the event to the community and students.  The student leadership team is going to present to the staff on the first work day of the fall.  At this time, the students will encourage staff to sign up for the projects that appeal to them.  Students will then present the projects to their fellow classmates during a homeroom the first week of school.  Senior students will select the project they want to serve during lunches until the day of service.  The leadership team, coordinating this day of service is completely student lead and driven.  They are also seeking donations to help cover any expenses for the day. 

The entire event will conclude with a celebration and reflection around 4pm.  The leadership team is seeking donations of food, drinks, bands, etc., to make it a real celebration.