Roadrunner Food Bank Honors the Victims and Heros of 9/11

Roadrunner Food Bank is New Mexico’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to ending hunger in New Mexico. In fiscal year 2011, Roadrunner Food Bank distributed more than 26 million pounds of food through a statewide network of nearly 600 partner agencies and four regional food banks. In New Mexico, Roadrunner Food Bank is the only member of Feeding America.


Community Need

New Mexico ranks 5th in the nation of people who wonder when they will have their next meal. 

  • 51% of food pantries report turning people away due to lack of food.
  • Many believe that only those who need help with food are the homeless when in fact only 8% of those served by Roadrunner are homeless.
  • Food assistance programs in our state are experiencing demand that has not occurred since the Great Depression. Agencies we provide food to indicate increases are as high as 30-40%.


For every $1 donated to the Food Bank, $9 worth of food is returned to the community.

  • Roadrunner Food Bank distributes more than 92,000 pounds of food every working day. This amount represents three semi truck loads of food every day.
  • Of the 22 million pounds we distribute, 62% is fresh foods such as produce, dairy and meats.


Remembrance and Commemoration

We will ask all volunteers to bring a can or a candle.  Items donated will stack in our main lobby in front of model of the Twin Towers, the US Flag, and a list of the names of the people that lost their lives. 


As people sign up to volunteer, there will be a place where they can respond to the following questions:

  1. Where were you when the United States was attacked on 9/11?
  2. Did you know anyone who died on 9/11? (Names given will be prominently displayed along with Alfred Marchand from New Mexico a flight attendant on United flight 175)


Between 10:30am and 11:00am we will:

  1. Have ten (10) people to share their 9/11 stories.
  2. Observe 1 minute of silence throughout the Roadrunner Food Bank facility.
  3. Place any candles in front of the area of remembrance.
  4. For each person named on the volunteer sign-up form, we will make a heart with their name and display it in our volunteer hallway.


 Expectation of Volunteers

300 Volunteers will pack 35-pound food boxes for our Mobile Food Pantry.  This will consist of dry goods, canned goods, and bread.  Volunteers will also repack bulk cereal from 300 pound boxes into 8 oz bags for distribution to our Food for Kids program. In addition, they will sort and pack produce boxes.


We estimate 300 volunteers can pack 100,000 pounds of food.  This will provide 76,923 meals to hungry New Mexicans.


Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of a 2 hour shift per visit.


Children six and older are welcome at Roadrunner Food Bank:

· Children 10–15 must be accompanied by 1 adult per 7 children

· Children 6-10 years old must have 1 adult per 2 children

· During special events all ages are welcome.



Food for Kids / Back Pack program:

More than 25% of children under 18 and nearly 30% of children under 5 years old live in poverty in New Mexico. In fact, every year the families of more than 90,000 children seek help with food assistance.


One way we help combat childhood hunger is through the Food for Kids Backpack Program. The program is designed for elementary school-aged children and younger siblings who do not have enough food at home. During the school year, Roadrunner Food Bank distributes food to schools for children to take home in backpacks filled with child-friendly nutritious foods. Every school week nearly 3,000 children in 38 low-income schools receive the food.


Mobile Food Pantry:

Mobile pantries are the most efficient way to help close the huge hunger gap in New Mexico and the single most effective way to reach un-served people.  Mobile Food Pantries take some of the burden off our partner agencies such as pantries, soup kitchens and shelters and allow us to reach previously underserved rural areas where there are no agencies with which to partner.


As soon as it began in June 2008, it received a phenomenal response.  We set a goal for the first year to distribute one million pounds of food.  We easily surpassed this goal by distributing 1,025,150 pounds during FY09 to 54,424 duplicated clients; an astonishing 41% of them children.   Since then, the Mobile Food Panty has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, distributing 3,654,861 pounds of much needed food and serving 213,210 duplicated clients in FY10. 





Tracking Volunteer Hours


All volunteers (individuals and groups) must provide their name, address, phone, and email address when they sign up to volunteer.  Volunteer names are printed on a spread sheet where they are required to sign in upon arrival and sign-out upon completion of their volunteer service.  


This information is permanently stored in our data base along with the number of volunteers and volunteer hours.  For verification purposes, we can convert our data into a spread sheet listing the volunteer information and hours.


  • Volunteers may sign in as an individual and also write in your group affiliation (if any)
  • One person can sign in for the group/family.
  • Volunteers that do not sign out will only receive two hours of credit for that day.



Promotion for the Day of Service and Remembrance

We will promote this event on our website,  We will also place it prominently on our e-news letter distributed to 3000 constituents.  In addition, we will include a flyer to 6,000 past volunteers via email or regular mail.


In addition, we will post the event on following websites:

            The City of Albuquerque

            Volunteer Match

            Hands-on Network