"“A Day of Remembrance Food Drive”

Community Need or Challenge:

   This service project will address poverty issues and focus on Hunger needs. Millions of Americans are currently struggling with hunger; an estimated 1out of every 6 Americans have faced hunger problems at some point in their life. Brooke and Marshall County Census.gov (2009) reported that an estimated 13.6% of community members and 17.8% of all West Virginians of the state lived, below the poverty level. According to The Feed America Organization, West Virginia has a 19.8% rate of food insecurity for children under 5 years of age (2009). In 2008, 11% of West Virginia’s children under the age of 18 lived in families with income less than 50% of the Federal poverty line. With families being the largest and fastest growing segment of the homeless population of the United States, and the increasing number of food banks having trouble of receiving proper funding to feed this growing number; the need for food resources are becoming critically important as the Hunger issue in America intensifies.

Day of Service Project Overview:

   The service project will be entitled “A Day of Remembrance Food Drive” we will collect can food items for three weeks prior to the week of September 11th. We will set up barrels and boxes in local businesses, shopping centers, schools as well as in the Senior Center around the Follansbee community. The bins will be painted and decorated with symbols and art of 9/11 made by the kids of the local After School Adventures Program (ASAP) who will donate their time. Flyers will also be given to local facilities to post up about information of 9/11 as well as information about the service project that is taking place. Collaboration with the RSVP’s Veteran group will be established to assist as volunteers. We will have a team of volunteers who will be in charge of picking up can goods during each week and bring them to the center. There will be a set goal that will be established at the beginning of the project. We will work in collaboration with the Mountaineer Food Bank of West Virginia, state level, as well as the Community Bread Basket Organization, community level. Both will provide the program with barrels to distribute amongst donation locations as well as assistance with food pick up and distribution to those in need.

Commemorating 9/11:

    On September 11th, 2011 we will commemorate those who were lost on 9/11 and those who serve their community by passing out decorated candles to be place and lit in windows of community members’ homes on that specific night. It is a sign of our remembrance of those who were lost and the tragedy that occurred. The program will ask for donations of 75 small candles and a yard and a half of ribbon. The After School Adventures Program will also participate in the “Remember September: Mail Art Memorial Project”. They will decorate envelopes concerning 9/11 and mail them to Remember September Organization for their annual art exhibit.  The organization will donate 50 envelopes and the number of stamps needed for the project. We will also pass out 9/11 ribbons at the community event being held by Brooke County local officials. During the event the RSVP will also announce the results from the “A Day of Remembrance Food Drive”.


Volunteers: minimum of 35

  Volunteers’ task will be to publicize the event by giving out flyers and posting them around the community (10-or more volunteers). They will assist in Decorations for the event as well as contribute in making and passing out candles and ribbons for the 9/11 remembrance (10-or more volunteers).  3-5 Volunteers will also be in charge of checking the barrels once or twice a week for donations and moving them to the center.  We will keep records of volunteers with sign up sheets for each part of the event and also a time sheet for the hours they served on the project. The RSVP is expecting roughly a minimum of 35 volunteers and participation of many throughout the community

Promotion for Events:
     The RSVP will create and distribute flyers to local community businesses and schools. Information about the project will be given in the RSVP’s monthly newsletter and the Mountaineer Food Bank will post event information also. There will be a press release given to the local news paper detailing events.