Meals on Wheels for Firefighters!

“Meals On Wheels For Firefighters”

Clayton County Senior Services Department

- A Department under the Clayton County Board of Commissioners –

(County Municipal Government)


 September 11, 2001 was a very tragic day for the American public. On this day, many people lost their lives due to terrorist attacks with airplanes. Firefighters and other public safety officials, as well as a host of other volunteers, came together to help save the lives of the survivals and help put the city back together.

This year for September 11, as we remember the brave men and women who responded to such a great tragedy in this country, we would also like to recognize a local group of people who serve and make sacrifices for the residents of Clayton County, Georgia on a daily basis. They are the firefighters who respond to all emergencies in the county whether medical or fire.   They also provide a variety of non-medical services which include injury prevention classes and CPR training to Clayton County staff and volunteers.

Many times, the actions that these firefighters take to save and protect our communities are often left unnoticed. Many people do not respect the risks that each firefighter takes to protect people they don’t even know. It could be hard to know you’re protecting people who don’t even recognize or even appreciate your services until they are in danger. Here in the Senior Services Department, we believe that the firemen of Clayton County deserve some recognition. They deserve to know that the citizens of Clayton County truly appreciate everything they do for the community.

The Clayton County Senior Services Department currently has a program called “Home Delivered Meals” that delivers both cold and hot lunches to homebound seniors Monday through Friday. These meals are delivered by both staff and a large group of volunteers. In appreciation of our public safety workers who put their lives on the line for us every day, we have decided to honor them and show them how much they mean to this county.

On September 13, with a group of about 100 staff and volunteers from Clayton County Senior Services Department as well as local businesses and churches, we would like to initiate a “Meals On Wheels Program” for our firefighters. We will use the transportation that’s available to us from our department and take a meal to each firefighter at three Clayton County Fire Stations. The selected stations includes Fire Station #3 located on Battle Creek Road in Jonesboro, Fire Station Headquarters located on Highway 85 in Riverdale, and Fire Station #4 located on East Fayetteville Road in Riverdale.  These three stations are just a few of the busiest stations in Clayton County in regards to call numbers. We do not want this opportunity to be just a onetime action.  In the upcoming years, as we continue to remember September 11, we plan to expand this program to reach more firefighters and even to include our local law enforcement agencies. The Clayton County Police Department and the Clayton County Sheriff’s office are essential groups who also serve and protect the citizens in our communities.

By delivering the meals to the fire stations, the community volunteers would be able to express their appreciation for our county firefighters. Knowing they are spending their time showing others that they care would be a great accomplishment as well as something to be proud of. Hopefully, the volunteers would feel empowered by this act to continue volunteering their time to helping others. Many times, when a group of people come together for one cause, other connections can be made for future volunteering and partnership opportunities. This is just a starting point for volunteering in Clayton County. Each year, we anticipate the expected volunteer participation numbers will sure to increase as more people become aware of this great occasion to give back to the people that risk their lives for the community daily.

To help promote this effort, we will create flyers to distribute to local libraries, churches and businesses as well as banners strategically placed in the lawns of our department facilities to encourage citizens to sign up with us. The flyers will also be placed inside our senior centers as well as in the facilities of the Parks and Recreation Department, our sister department. Information about volunteer registration will also be posted on the Clayton County website. During the occasion, the local news organ, Clayton News Daily, will be invited to attend to write a feature story on the account and to also let the public know that this is not the only time this opportunity will be available. Pictures will be taken and posted on the Clayton County website after the occasion for those who could not participate in the event to see the effect it had on our public safety officials.

We would appreciate being considered for part of the grant that’s being offered by CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Services).  This would help us reach our goal of expanding our program to reach all firefighters and law enforcement agencies in Clayton County.

Thank you for your consideration.