We Wi11 Remember 9/11 Wilmington NC

9/11 Wilmington NC Will Remember by Doing Wilmington NC’s 9/11 Day of Remembrance and Service will be greatly expanded inhonor of the 10th Anniversary of the tragedy, but it will also be an opportunity to recall how the country came together on 9/12.

On the day after the tragedies of 9/11 Americacame together like I have not experienced in my life time. A key element of the events in Wilmington will be the American Flag. Beginning a week before 9/11 we will distribute at Farmer’s Markets. The CFVC 9/11 booth will hand out 1000 American Flags, it will have instructions for attending and being part of the 9/11remembrance ceremony at CFCC’ North Campus This event will include dedicating the new WTC Artifact. We will be handing out Finger Printing ID. At local business partners,we will be gathering 1000 coats for the 9/11 Coat Drive to be given to the Save the Montagnard People Inc this opportunity will engage 500-1000 individuals who can do a actof service by contributing a coat for people who have nearly nothing. The Montagnard People were a group of people that assisted Americans who fought in the Vietnamesewar. “They were there for us then; we are here for them now”. Refugees are brought to the mountains of NC and allowed to live out their traditions, in safety. They lack many ofthe comforts that American’s enjoy, a winter coat. This coat drive will allow for a new segment of our community to hear about the work of Special Forces Vietnam Veterans. This part of the 9/11 experience will build the capacity of the US Special Forces to meetthe needs of the families. The Veterans report that “we know that without the love and sacrifice of the Montagnards, many more American names would be engraved on that somber black granite wall in our Nations Capitol”. These people have a similar heart to allthose heroes who came to the aid of victims in NY and DC and those heroes on the plane that crashed into the field in Pennsylvania.

Under “I Wi11 – Remember by Doing”, we will participate in Operation Paperback, collecting books for our military. We will also be collecting toiletry items that will be contributed Step Up For Soldiers. Through these smaller projects we hope to engage 250 new volunteers, we are seeking to engage them in something that resonates with their personal values and desires. We hope that they will take time to help others ina spirit of unity and compassion.

 We will also build a 9/11 Memorial community garden at the Johnson Pre K Center. The goal of the garden would be to further assist in engaging volunteers in the Youth Enrichment Zone (YEZ). This project is modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone. CFVC has pledged to engage 4000 volunteers in making a difference in the YEZ. The community garden would be a source of food, and activity for the families of the Zone, but also the volunteers who seek to serve them. Creating this garden would begin to create a lasting memory in honor of 9/11, but will also engage the community in a healthy, physical activity that will benefit many.

We will recruit partners and volunteers for our events by demonstrating the importance of the day, and involving those who understand our theme of remembrance through the“I Wi11 – Remember By Doing” in the event. We have already initiated partnering with the Step Up For Soldiers, Cape Fear Community College, Churches, Wilmington Fire Department, the Mayor’s Office, UNCW, the Community Boys and Girls Club, Farmer’s Market, YWCA, and other organizations.

 We will recruit volunteers through our website, newspaper, radio, personal visits to groups to engage their membership in events. We will have a volunteer leader and staff person assigned to each component/event related to the Anniversary. Each team will work to recruit for their particular project, including engaging corporations and churches. Partnering with our local Directors of Volunteers In Agencies (DOVIA) as well as QENO (Quality Enhancement for Non-profit Organizations) we will engage as many non-profits to be part of the events as possible, asking them to share the information with their memberships. We will also use 1800volunteer.org, volunteermatch.com, serve.gov, and mygooddeed.org to get volunteers that use these mediums to find out about opportunities. We are also hoping to engage one of our local TV stations (WILM, WWAY, and WECT), and radio stations (Sea-Comm Media) to be a partner in developing a short commercial announcing the week’s events.

The Remembrance piece of our community plan for 9/11 will be held on 9/11 at two locations at two different times of day for the convenience of the public. Our hope is to line the streets with citizens holding the flags we began distributing at the Farmer’s Markets the weekend before. Our hope is to have the First Responders including the Fire Department, Police Departments, veterans and members hold photos of some of their lost comrades as local community figure, reads the short bios on each lost, in conjunction with the ceremony to honor First Responders with the Cape Fear Community College ceremony. Each WFD representative will be able to select the individual that they which to honor that day. The ceremony will also include a moment of silence, remarks from the Mayor and the WFD Chaplain, along with the reading of the bios. This will occur during the morning of 9/11. In conjunction with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington we will participate in the remembrance to be held on campus, honoring student veterans, the event will include a choir, and be of a serious tone. We hope to engage 500 volunteers to line the street and be part of the 9/11 Day of Remembrance at both locations.

Volunteer Engagement Total TOTAL number of volunteers that will be engaged (unduplicatedcount of volunteers, not including volunteer leaders) 3000