North Texas Volunteer Challenge

The Volunteer Center of North Texas (VCNT) connects individuals, groups, and the corporate community to more than 1,700 nonprofit agencies across the North Texas region. For the past three years, VCNT has hosted the North Texas Volunteer Challenge (NTVC), a large scale volunteer event which engages community members in pre-identified service projects on a National Day of Service. In 2011, VCNT has decided to host NTVC 9/10/11 in honor of 9/11 National Service Day in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We will host projects all across Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant counties to engage 1,000 community youth and adult volunteers in service activities. A kickoff event in the morning will motivate volunteers to take the feelings of fear and frustration that the tragedies of 9/11 bring and commemorate the lives and memories of heroes and victims by strengthening our community through service. The kickoff will also be a tribute to veterans, active military members, and others that stepped forward to help our nation recover from the impact of 9/11. From there, participants will be bussed to service projects across North Texas where they will serve for four hours, contributing a total of 4,000 hours to North Texas nonprofits. VCNT will partner with member nonprofits that submit projects, doing all of the project management required so that volunteers and nonprofit agencies can have a productive and memorable service experience. Projects will include a reflection portion at the end of service so that volunteers can reflect on their experiences and the impact of serving on 9/11 National Service Day. By giving North Texas the chance to serve on 9/10/11, VCNT will make a positive impact in North Texas to memorialize a day that was so tragic ten years ago.