Troy University - Care for the Community Day of Service

On Saturday, September 10th, 2011, Troy University will hold Care for the Community - Day of Service to commemorate the events of 9/11 and build a commitment to serve our local community (Troy, AL – Pike Co.) amongst the student body. Over 325 students and university faculty members will participate in at least 8 identified community projects. We will start the day with a memorial breakfast for student volunteers remembering the events of 9/11 and recognizing the need for service and community involvement. Then we will transport the students from campus to the service projects, where they will meet 2-3 student site-leaders, community agency representatives and civic leaders who will guide and assist the students in the service projects. The day will wrap up back at the university, where we celebrate the accomplishments of the day and renew our commitment to service and civic engagement. Each of the service projects have been identified in conjunction with civic leaders and community agency partners of the university’s Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program.

Below are details on the projects and the needs they will address:

- Restoring a local river's habitat through litter pickup, erosion control and - selected based on Choctawhatchee RiverKeeper’s analysis of water quality, sediment issues, and pollution

- An activity day at Pike County Boys and Girls Club where university students will engage area youth in recreation activities and also help with facility improvements

- Improvement project at a local city park in conjunction with the City of Troy’s Parks and Recreation Department. Students will address erosion and littering problems as well as perform needed maintenance of playground equipment

- Tornado relief in nearby Tuscaloosa, AL in conjunction with the University of Alabama, Habitat for Humanity and the City of Tuscaloosa. This project was selected based on the continuing needs of the victims of the tornadoes that occurred on 4/28/201. Students will assist with sorting donations, and assisting in construction projects.

- A building project with Troy - Pike County Habitat for Humanity. Here students will assist the organization in building affordable housing in Pike Co., AL

- A campus and city litter cleanup - selected based on a request from the City of Troy - Anti-Litter/City Beautification Committee. Students will canvas the City of Troy cleaning up litter and assisting in beautification projects.

- A facility improvement project at Sav-a-Life, a local free health clinic, where university students will assist the community partner with their landscaping and internal facility improvements.

-An activity day at Noble Manor Assisted Living where students will have an opportunity to lead games and arts and crafts for their residents – many of whom are Veterans.

Students will be transported to and from the university via busses. Students will sign in and out as they load/unload the busses. Additionally, participation will be tracked through the use of Student and Faculty Site Leaders who will manage the projects along side of the Community Agencies. Site Leaders will organize the records for their project and report them to the university coordinator who will collect and report the cumulative service participation for the day.

The Care for the Community - Day of Service will be promoted through targeted outreach to the student body at Troy University. Student organizations, fraternities and sororities will be encouraged to participate. Additionally, many instructors will be requiring student participation. External to the university, we will work through the following organizations to tell our story of service and the need for civic participation. Organizations: The Tropolitan - Troy University's Student Newspaper University Relations - Troy University Trojan Vision - Campus TV station The Troy Messenger - local newspaper WSFA News - NBC local affiliate WAKA News - CBS local affiliate WTSU - Troy University Public Radio The Dothan, AL Eagle Newspaper The Montgomery, AL Advertiser

To conclude the activities, on Monday, September 12th, Troy University will hold a Remembrance Ceremony for the student body and campus community to reflect on the events on 9/11. Here we will honor the lost and those that have served during and since that tragic day and recognize the need, more than ever, for an engaged, informed, active citizenry.